Importance Of Aesthetics In Contemporary Society

We all know how today aesthetics and appearance have a big impact and are of great importance for almost every aspect of our lives, and especially business. We are witnessing that image and media becomes powerfull weapon, and a message.



The idea of immaterial labour comes to be theorised as a result of the changes in the mode of capitalist production identified as post-Fordism. The Italian tradition of operaismo links the notion of immaterial labour to the move from Fordist to lean production (or Toyotism), where prior to being manufactured, a product must be sold. …

What is better for designers Linux or Windows?

I already wrote one post on my other blog when I started to experiment with Linux graphics. I like Linux, and I always wanted to use it because it is an open source and faster-more secure environment, but one of the things that I missed in the first months of my use of it, was offcourse Adeobe Illustrator and Adeobe Photoshop.