How do I add a line to my /etc/apt/sources.list?

Basically sources.list is a text file you want to edit. Linux is all about file you can customize your ubuntu by changing files. so the basic way to edit files(adding or deleting text) is by using some of the text editor like: emacs,gedit(gui based) nano,vi,vim(cli based) You can install them by typing sudo apt-get install …



The idea of immaterial labour comes to be theorised as a result of the changes in the mode of capitalist production identified as post-Fordism. The Italian tradition of operaismo links the notion of immaterial labour to the move from Fordist to lean production (or Toyotism), where prior to being manufactured, a product must be sold. …

What is better for designers Linux or Windows?

I already wrote one post on my other blog when I started to experiment with Linux graphics. I like Linux, and I always wanted to use it because it is an open source and faster-more secure environment, but one of the things that I missed in the first months of my use of it, was offcourse Adeobe Illustrator and Adeobe Photoshop.