What is better for designers Linux or Windows?


I already wrote one post on my other blog when I started to experiment with Linux graphics. I like Linux, and I always wanted to use it because it is an open source and faster-more secure environment, but one of the things that I missed in the first months of my use of it, was offcourse Adeobe Illustrator and Adeobe Photoshop. Although I installed Linux in dual boot with Windows, and kept this programs in Windows it was boring to reboot every time I was doing graphics, that is why I was putting more effort to figure out Linux graphic softwares, and online-graphic solutions, but I had an impression that this work will not be equal or satisfied as Illustrator or Photoshop. In Photoshop, I was using layers, mock-ups for logos and in Illustrator vector drawing, typing text. At the first time of trying to learn how to use Linux replacements of this programs (Inkscape, GIMP) I had some doubts and was trying to figure out will graphics on this programs satisfy the standards that are required for professional graphics. Even I found solution called Wine that serves for running Windows applications in Linux, I have not succeed to install Adeobe Illustrator in my Linux Mate 17.  via wine or play on linux sofware…but maybe it is more easy in other Linux versions…or with Photoshop, but I have not tried it yet in Linux. I am still using Windows for Photoshop and Illustrator, and more and more I use Inkscape and GIMP, and I am satisfied with quality that graphics have. Also there is very convenient tool in GIMP called create, and options for create buttons, logos, brushes, web-banners, headers patterns, for webdesign, and much more. Also there is possibility to save graphics in various formats, in Photoshop format, ps, esp, and much much more…

For drawing yet I think that Illustrator is better then Ikscape, because it has larger workspace and is more easy for use, still, but there is an option for zoom also in Inkscape and also you can change the dimensions of your graphics, or choose from different templates that are offered in file section under templates.

Also there is possibility to change the weight of stroke directly throw Edit paths by nodes or using F2.  Its just, you need more practice if you want to draw in Inkscape. But for Adeobe Illustrator also you need a drawing practice. If you are a good drawer, with paper and pencil, that doesn’t mean that you will be a good drawer at Adeobe Illustrator and vice versa. That is why many people use graphic boards.

Both OS Linux and Windows can be  used equally for design, and just need patience and a lot of testing, practical and theoretical work. Also you can combine, do work in any of OS and save it in format that another software will recognise, easy convert, just depends of which OS is available for you at the moment and you can become experienced designer that does not depend on OS, with more skills than just in one design software.

There are a lot of design instant variations of graphic applications for android that is more easy fornon advanced users, for wide audience to use them without any special skills about design, and also some websites offer a option for editing images, like google photos, wix, picassa…just you need to know what you are doing, and depends on your needs.


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